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Sun couldn't decide what left her the most curious: How they had managed to survive the crash, or the fact that it's been well over 24 hours, and no rescue crew has been sighted. Nobody has been sighted, apart from the few who were blessed (or perhaps cursed?) to still be alive. However, Sun knew that now wasn't the time to focus on that matter. How they had managed to survive the crash is irrelevant compared to how they will go about surviving the island. Together, both Sun and Jin have managed to do alright for themselves the last couple of days, but Sun can't help feeling that now is the time to start interacting with the others. In brief passing, she's heard there's even a doctor on the island who is going around and helping the wounded. She knew she could do something to help, wanted to help. You can only stay in seclusion for so long, and when it comes to survival, there is most definitely strength in numbers.

She and Jin have spent most of the day scoping out the beach for their possessions, or anything that could be of use. Sun was the one who discovered the set of black suitcases--scattered amongst the shoreline--and with Jin's help, managed to pull them all to shore before settling down to open them. Under normal circumstances she would have never even dared to think of going through someone else's luggage. However, as they were all well aware, their situation was far from normal.

Quick fingers unlatched the first case, and she glanced up at Jin before tentatively sifting through the contents of the case. If there was nothing they could use, perhaps she could let the others see what they can make of it.

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