Claire Littleton (claireislost) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Claire Littleton

Darkness Ensues

Claire was wandering across the beach, holding onto her stomach softly as she watched the sand shimmer in the sunlight. She looked over at the jungle again and didn't dare go any closer. She really didn't want to meet whatever made those noises before...face to face. So she continued on, toward the ocean. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks and gripped at her stomach. Her mouth hung open and she suddenly felt dizzy. Everything was spinning around rapidly in a circus of colors and figures. That was what made her stop. The dizziness...and the visions that were starting to fill her head. Dark things. Scary things. She started to sway and her eyes looked glazed over as she teetered and started to fall backward.

[Tag Boone]
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