Boone Carlisle (boonecarlisle) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Boone Carlisle

The tingle on the back of Boone's neck had been then for a good few minutes, most likely dulled by his conversation with Claire, but now it was a constant burning. He didn't have to turn around to know what was causing it; the hairs on his body always stood on the end when Shannon was nearby.

He didn't have to turn around.

He didn't need to turn around.

He didn't want to turn around.

But his body moved on familiar instinct, his head craning in her direction slowly and cautiously, as if going too fast would cause her to disappear into thin air. He blinked once, watching her, unconsciously prompting her to met his eyes.

But she was already focused on someone else.

Sawyer. Boone bristled at the thought of the two of them together, Shannon with her trademark smirk, and that smug bastard with a grin that begged to be knocked off his face.

But Boone had already tried that, hadn't he? And surprise, surprise, he had failed horribly. He had never won against the bullies when he was younger, so why should he start now?

It wasn't like Shannon needed the protection, or even wanted it seems, judging by her expression in response to their conversation that was too soft to hear. Had she ever looked at him like the way she was gazing at Sawyer? He couldn't remember the last time they had talked that hadn't ended in yelling.

No, it seemed Shannon didn't need his help at all anymore.

[Tag Shannon and maybe Claire later]
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