Claire Littleton (claireislost) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Claire Littleton

Good Morning

Claire woke up the next morning, having forgotten where she was. She was as curled as she could get, her head lulled to the side and resting on someone's shoulder. The index finger of her left hand was wrapped up in some fabric that wasn't her own as if she was clinging to someone in her sleep. Which may well have been the case. Claire slowly opened up her shaded blue eyes to see who she was with and was surprised to find herself not flinch when it was Charlie. She hadn't slept near someone for some time and she must have felt awful comfortable to move the way she had in her sleep.

She didn't move right away, and wondered if he had awoken at all to see her clinging at him like that. She hoped not, she didn't want to scare him off. She couldn't very well control what happened while she slept, could she? Her eyes moved down to see her fingers grasping at his t-shirt softly. Claire chewed on her lower lip and slowly started to move, hoping she wouldn't wake him.

(Tag Charlie)
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