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My Morning After

[OOC: the scream I mention is Shannon's.]

After the events of the previous day, especially with the rain and the massive shock of surviving a plane crash, it seemed unlikely that anyone would be able to sleep. But sleep they did, most of them anyhow, including Kathy. With her head on her backpack, she managed to fall asleep by a fire the other survivors had made after the rain had died down. Somewhere else on the beach, a signal fire quietly burned.

A scream penetrating the crisp morning air awoke Kathy with a start and, for a second, she thought she was still on the plane, as it spiraled downwards. "Yahhh!" the dirty-blond-haired young woman yelled as she awoke, flinging her arms around wildly as part of a defense mechanism. A moment later she got her bearings though; she was on a beach, by a smoldering fire, and it was sometime in the early morning. Dad? she thought instinctively, unable to help herself, before her muddled newly-woken brain jump-started. With much sadness, she realized her dad wasn't with her, nor was her mother, or even her annoying little sister.

A feeling of being alone and helplessness washed over her, but survival was paramount. So, instead of wallowing in her somber thoughts, she got up from the sand and looked around for the source of the scream. In the distance, she saw the brown-haired scrappy dude from yesterday laying in the sand, bloodied, Shannon nearby, and the hott blond guy looking majorly angry. There were a few other people around, but Kathy didn't concern herself with them just yet.

An unfamiliar male voice said to her left said, "Wonder what that was about. Maybe they've caught some sort of strange jungle fever that caused them to turn on each other. You never know what's in those tropical rain forests; all sorts of diseases. I think I'm feeling a bit hot myself."

Kathy looked down to the left to see a middle-aged man adjusting his glasses and unbuttoning a few buttons on his light-colored buttoned shirt. "I don't think so," Kathy offered to the hypochondriac. "The two of them don't seem to get along, although I can't believe that guy beat him up like that...scary."

"I think I better find the doctor. Where's that doctor?" the middle-aged man declared, looking even more worried than he was a moment ago. The middle-aged man stood up.

"Here, I'll tell you if you have a fever," Kathy offered, extending her hand up towards the ragged-looking middle-aged man's forehead.

"Wait a second, when was the last time you washed your hands?" the middle-aged man asked, pulling his head away.

"Uh, yesterday morning," Kathy replied, not sure where he was going with this. Did the man honestly think he was going to catch something from Kathy? She put her hand back down at her side.

"Thanks, but I think I better find that doctor."

"Hold on! Uh, could you help me with something?" Kathy said as she fished a soft dark green glasses case out of her black backpack. She took out a pair of large-rimmed sun glasses, revealing that one of the lenses had popped out. "I thought my dad had this fixed, but apparently it slipped out again...could you help? They're my only pair now."

The middle-aged man looked down at the sun glasses, then at the pleading young woman's greenish hazel eyes, then begrudgingly agreed to help her. After doing so, however, the middle-aged man quickly rushed off to find the doctor he'd heard the others talking about.

Kathy yelled a thank you after the man as he ran off before sighing to herself and sitting down by the dying embers of the fire. With no immediate threat lunging out at her, she finally had a moment to just be depressed. Not that I wasn't depressed enough yesterday and yesterday night. Heck, how CAN you be depressed ENOUGH after all we've been through? I guess I better schedule all the 'depressed' time I can before we get rescued, heh. Oh yes, very important business, this being depressed stuff. Secretary, cancel all my appointments for today. I have to go be depressed. A lot. A tremendous amount. An inmeasurably long time. For-freakin'-EVER. she babbled to herself as she watched the fire suck in its last few breaths of oxygen.

Seeking to further amuse herself, she put on her perscription sunglasses and looked over the other passengers of the doomed flight. Oh yeah, look at me now. Wearin' sunglasses. I am -so- cool. I'm so cool it's criminal! ...wait, what if there were criminals on the flight? Oh, crap.

[tag anyone who feels like it; if not, I'll find some way to make myself useful once every gets to "the next morning"]

[OOC: decided to use that minor character, the one who thought he had jungle measles or whatever, lol, hope no one minds. Sending him your way, Jack, once you get to this day. Whether he finds you or not is up to you.]
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