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Looking For The Doctor

[OOC: Connected to Talk About A Guilt Trip. Also Jack, hope you don’t mind I mentioned you.]

Shannon moved as quickly as she could, willing herself not to run back to check on Boone and Sawyer.

She had no idea where the doctor was or if she’d even find him. She had heard he had gone with a group into the jungle to find the front of the plane, and hadn’t seen them return that night. For all she knew he was too busy tending to other people who were injured far worse than two guys who got into a fist fight. Going to find him, however, gave her a reason to take a break from being around Boone and Sawyer’s mood swings and bickering. It also gave her a reason to see if the fresh air would do her some good. She didn’t want to have another asthma attack, but in case she did she carried her inhaler with her this time.

She knew what Doctor Jack looked like, but with the vast expanse of beach lying before her she knew that she should probably find someone to help her look. The first two people she would have asked both needed to cool off, besides they were the reason she was going to find the doctor in the first place. Then there was Charlie and Claire, but she had no idea where they were, so she went up to a group of people who were sitting around a small fire that had burned to almost nothing during the night and said, “I am looking for the doctor, have any of you seen him before? I would really like someone to go with me to find him.”

[Tag: Avril, and maybe Jack later? Let me know if you’re interested or have your own thing going because we can always just say we couldn't find him and then go from there.]
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