Claire Littleton (claireislost) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Claire Littleton

Claire watched Charlie go until there was nothing left to see. The jungle hid him from her view and all she could do was hope that he would come back soon. In the meantime she opened her diary back up to doodle in it, finding that doodling sometimes passed the time. She would look up every now and then to see people walking around, a new day really starting. Her eyes wandered down the beach a bit and fell onto Boone...he was lying on the ground and looked like he was in pain. Her brow furrowed and she pushed herself up from the ground. She wanted to make sure he was all right. There was another man over there, someone she didn't recognize.

Claire looked down at Charlie's guitar. She had promised she would watch it. She chewed on her lower lip a moment then decided to wrap the guitar with its case up into her blanket, hiding it behind her bag. She could look back at it now and then. With that Claire wandered over and approached the two men quietly. Her pale blue eyes landed on the man watching over Boone. " my gosh." She caught a real glimpse of how bad Boone's condition was and immediately knelt down beside him. She brushed some matted hair out of his eyes and looked at the stranger again. "What happened? Where's Shannon?" She asked, concernedly. "Boone...can you hear me?" She asked softly and lifted his head a bit so he might breath better.

[Tag Sawyer, Boone, and Shannon and Avril if they are on their way. :) Hope you guys don't mind.]
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