Avril LaPierre (avril_lapierre) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Avril LaPierre

The Dangers of Walking Backwards

Avril had been leaning back on her hands as she watched everyone fawn over the unconcious Boone. She gave a sideways smile as she watched Sawyer kiss Shannon.

'Well now that is interesting.'

Pulling herself forward she watched as Sawyer walked away from the group.
Looking around, no one was really paying attention to anyone other then Boone. She couldn't really blame them. He did get the shit kicked out of him. Smirking again she stood and walked down toward the waves of the ocean attempting to stay unnoticed. After a moment or two she looked back at the group. No eyes were on her. Turning suddenly she walked down the beach in the same direction of Sawyer.

There was something about him that she was drawn to.
She wasn't quite sure what it was, but she wanted to find out what.

'He could be a valuable asset on this island.' she thought as she quickened her pace a little.

She turned one last final time as the distance grew between her and the group to make sure no one had seen. Walking backwards she watched as they grew more and more distant.

'Looks like he'll be ok.' Boone was now thrashing in the sand. 'I'll check on him later. Got a few 'things' to chat about.' the smirk grew on her face as she walked backwards in the warm sand.

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