Boone Carlisle (boonecarlisle) wrote in a_lost_rpg,
Boone Carlisle

Always your self-pitied martyr

[continued from HERE]

Boone felt like he was drowning in a thick sea of confusion, coming up for air every now and then, blinded by jumbled images that didn't make sense in his muddled mind.

Jack checking him over for all his injuries.

Claire looking on, biting her lip in worry.

The feeling of floating as he was lifted to the shade.

Tears in Shannon's eyes as he whispered he loved her.

Although his vision wasn't exactly clear, he felt Shannon sitting near him, pretending to be somewhat engrossed with a stain on his shirt. It wasn't like her to not say what was bothering her, though no doubt she was feeling guilty, though she had done nothing wrong.

Now that Boone really thought about it, Shannon hadn't acted like the self-centered girl Boone always considered her to be. Maybe it was true what people say; that a large disaster brings out the best in people.

And he had got into fight in less than 24 hours after they crashed.

A new sense of guilt washed over him, and Boone was unable to be the first to speak. To be the one who broke the uneasy silence hanging in the air.

[tag to Shannon]
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