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Nowhere to Run

Lost Role Play
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This is a community for role playing the ABC series, Lost. This is just getting started, so we're making it begin from the pilot. Which means no one has relationships yet, the players may form them however they wish, and the story can change. It DOES NOT have to follow the story line of the television show. Membership is moderated so do not worry if you're not excepted right away.

Taken Characters:
Sayid (open now)

OC Characters:

Rules for the RP:
1. To join you must create a seperate journal for the character in which you would like to portray.
2. If you want to be an OC, make sure not to be "God-like" or a "Mary Sue". We want our characters to be real and not be entirely perfect.
3. Do not control other player's characters. If you want to do a scene with them, post in the community or add a comment to the choosen player's journal.
4. Role play on messengers is allowed and is not moderated. It would be nice to see the role play posted in the community though if it involves a big plot twist.
5. If you are offended easily by language or adult situations, don't join.
6. When speaking OOC, use brackets. It really helps the other players out.
7. DO NOT kill anyone else's characters, you can do whatever you wish to your own though.
8. Tag people at the end of each post, that way we know who you want to join in a thread. If you have no one in mind, just put (Tag Anyone).
9. I think that's it for the big things...so rule number nine is to have fun!

To clear up any confusion...here is an explaination for what the personal journals and the community journal are for.

Main story lines are going to take place in the community, where everyone can join in. But the personal journals are for personal thoughts and feelings of the characters, or private RP if you please. Other characters may still comment on the other's personal journal entries. In fact, that would be ideal. :)

And for anyone who likes to RP in IMs...we're currently using yahoo messenger or AIM. It's not required to have a name on yahoo or AIM, it's only if you choose to and have time to RP in an IM.

Any more questions or concerns? You can contact one of the mods at claire_littleton on yahoo messenger, Find Me Claire on AIM, or on my journal claireislost. The other mod is boonecarlisle and can be reached at her journal or on AIM as BigBrotherBoone.

Our sister site is ooc_a_lost_rpg.